Would the Hindi Singers of the Golden Age Have Made the Cut Today?


How would our great old singers have worked now?

After quite a few years of not having subscriptions any Hindi Channelswe very recently got our very own”Zee TV” subscription. My lack of knowledge of things”contemporary” in the film universe must have been seen by means of a number of my most happy readers — and now you discover how exactly I wholeheartedly defended my ignorance over all the years. While the majority of my friends had some or the other Hindi station playing their TVs when we’d go visiting, I remained away.

For this specific nearly Rip-van-Winkle-esque background, picture me sitting comfortably in front of my television, also switching channels to my newly acquired Z TV. Aha! A chance to watch young talented women and men sing. I perked up in my seat. Enduring as a result of numerous do caliber ads touting Ajmeri ba ba, ” I sat throughout the whole app. Well, think about my entire surprise once I discovered of those stupendous amounts of prize money and contracts that awaited the winner of the contest! 50 Lakhs! Boy, experienced things changed! And someplace during this app, I found my thoughts drifting, even as I was playing such very talented young individuals do their own stuff. Substitute this with almost any other gift shows such as Indian Idol, along with my purpose would still stand vande mataram ar rahman.

This wasn’t any more the old”SAREGAMA” I remember visiting earlier I abandoned that the beaches of India. Subsequently it had been exactly about the singing, the standard of the voice, the practice. Currently, it’s all that and also the aptitude present, to sing AND dance, to be an”entertainer” maybe not just a singer. Probably the bar was raised in some manners, but most likely it’s been decreased in some specific the others. Then, naturally, there is this foolish and omnipresent SMS messaging that establishes the winner, and also perhaps not the board of candidates who, in least supposedlyare there because of their expertise and knowledge. Supposedly democracy on the job, at which masses-with-cellphones-who-vote determine if it’s the singer (umm. . Performer) gets the cut or not.

I used to be considering the older brigade of the singing greats and questioning just how they’d have achieved in the current circumstance. Think about a new Lata Mangeshkar, singing with the celestial voice, however never getting SMS messages by the legends as she simply stood there and didn’t dancing on the point using a merry smile on her face. (and of course the simple fact Maharashtrians wouldn’t be bothered with sending SMS messages to get her selected, but let that go.)

Manna d e, of the gold, classically accurate voice — even if he had sung with his standard warm devotion, would he have earned votes? Confront it, while he participates superbly, he never was known for his ability to dancing the point.

Mohammed Rafi — the grin are equally as gentle to coincide with his peerless voice, but”Aapne aaj achha effectiveness diya, lekin aapne point K-A upyog theek tarah se nahi kiya” could have been the only opinion, chiding him onto his insufficient utilization of the stage.

Same with Talat Mehmood — amazing looks (after all he did encounter films being a celebrity, and has listened in Sone ki Chidiya along with Nutan), however would that the audience managed to stomach his own painful and sensitive voice when these were looking to get”masti bhare gaane”?

Probably the natives against the older guard could have already been Asha Bhosale and Kishore Kumar. Ashaji has an incredible stage presence, and gets the gumption to pull off the needs, and whichever it required. Kishore Kumar was an over-the-top performer, and could sing and dance with the most useful of these. And for good measure, he would also pull off wisecracks and jokes.

Runa Laila involves mind as a person who might have passed muster in today’s world. A magnificent voice, a fantastic stage presence, the capability to”shift” with her own new music and a sultry sensuous appearance. (Remember we are discussing once they’re youthful.)

Mukesh — again great looks along with a winning grin (I thought he looked better than Raj Kapoor in the tune Chhotisi yeh zindagani r e out of the movie Aah which was picturised on him), however might he’ve left the clip with all the SMS creation? Not confident.

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